Research shows that students with special needs learn better through visual learning and interactive tools. Using Vizzle, educators and administrators give students an easy-to-use, engaging tool to help them learn the curriculum, develop skills and demonstrate understanding.

Automatic data collection

Eliminate tedious, time-consuming data entry for teachers and therapists by using Vizzle. Using lesson play data, like how long a lesson was played and the student’s score, teachers can assess student comprehension and progress based on IEP goals and objectives.

Administrators can quickly and easily monitor both teacher and student usage of Vizzle. Proactively support your teachers and students all year long by regularly reviewing Vizzle usage data.

Thousands of Lessons

We have a growing library of 15,000 interactive lessons, games and activities aligned and searchable by state learning standards. All lessons can be customized to your students’ unique needs and skill level. Our content is created and reviewed by educational professionals.

Assign lessons or view data using an Internet-connected tablet or computer. Students can play teacher-selected lessons at any time from anywhere and data is automatically collected.

Personalized student experience

Vizzle uses game-like student profiles and animated graphics to engage and encourage lesson play. Easy-to-use and highly visual, our platform promotes independent and individual learning for students with special needs.

Set play preferences to fit and meet students’ individual learning needs. Text-to-speech functionality and switch access compatibility are available on every lesson, game and activity in the Vizzle library.

Play anytime, anywhere

Reinforce, refresh and review learned concepts and skills in class, at home or over breaks. Use Vizzle to engage and strengthen communication with parents by sending home lessons and activities selected by teachers.

Encourage individual or group learning with our fun, interactive platform to play games and activities. Make learning feel like playing with customizable celebrations, reinforcers and themes.


Want to automatically collect data for IEPs?