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A Catalyst for Change: Top 10 Reasons for Implementing Vizzle Next Gen

People often resist change. It can take time, work, and ample energy to make change happen. Plus, learning something new, especially when you’ve already got a lot on your plate, can feel overwhelming. An open mind and a few minutes a day can save hours of planning, time on reporting, and have dramatic effects on student success.

We spoke with a variety of educators at Mesquite ISD, who work with a range of students in ages and abilities. They shared the changes that have led to a positive impact in their special education classrooms. The biggest change was switching from one online platform to another, Vizzle. The reason for the change? Texas curriculum is integrated into Vizzle to make teachers’ and coordinators’ lives easier and more seamless. 

Jill Havard, Special Education Coordinator, Tiffany Solis, Instructional Coach, and Matt, a Special Education Teacher all spoke about the impact on their roles and students they serve in special education. They navigated through their initial apprehension about trying something new with a population of students who also count a great deal on structured routines, they haven’t looked back.

These interviews provided invaluable insight. They revealed not only the sheer amount of work and responsibility implicit in the roles of teachers and coordinators, but also made abundantly clear the enormous collective desire educators share to positively impact the lives of their students. In the best cases, classroom resources should enable teachers to do what they do best: teach and inspire. 

Here’s a look at our top ten reasons a change to Vizzle Next Gen would ensure success in your special education classrooms. 

1. Help Make the Lightbulb Go On
Teachers live for student progress, those "aha moments" when things click and stick. Vizzle increases student engagement, excitement and helps spark those moments of success.
2. Do Less Paperwork 
The integration of standardized curriculum into Vizzle takes a lot of the guesswork out of preparing, planning, and reporting on students’ progress.
3. Everybody (Teachers and Students) Can Do It!

Vizzle is easy to set up and navigate, and caters to students of all abilities and needs. 

4. Reinforce Learning

Demonstrating aptitude on a lesson, skill or goal is easy. Set criteria and alerts to know when students have mastered material and are ready to move on. 

5. Get the Support You Need to Make It Work in Your Classroom

Help is just an in-app chat, phone call or email away.  The responsive Vizzle team can provide on-site trainings and webinars, and often incorporates teacher feedback into product updates. 

6. Easily Customize Your Lessons
Easily import personalized pictures and edit lessons to make materials meaningful for in the classroom or your local community! Set preferences like text-to-speech, switch accessibility, reinforcers, celebrations and more.
7. Meet and Reward Students Where They Are

Assign lessons and activities from Vizzle’s extensive library of content based on the varying levels and needs of students in your classroom. Recognize their achievements with built-in celebrations at the end of each lesson. 

8. Teach Technology Skills
In today’s world, everyone needs to know the basics of technology. Vizzle affords opportunities to learn foundational skills as basic as logging in, while engaging students who like spending time on a computer or iPad.
9. Track and Share Progress with the Education Team
With TEKS aligned curriculum integrated into Vizzle, the team can use Vizzle data to see how students are progressing with standards and IEP goals and objectives.
10. Free Up More Time for One-on-One Work with Students

Vizzle lessons can be set up in blocks of time and by level for teachers to focus on students who need more personal attention. 

We asked what advice the teachers and coordinators would give to anyone considering a change. They all thought trying out Vizzle was time well spent. Having curriculum already aligned, easy to access data, and an individualized platform, Vizzle can be a catalyst for positive change.  

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