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Easy Access to Curriculum and Data Tracking

Designed for Educators by Educators: Easy Access to TEKS-Aligned Curriculum and Data Tracking

A partnership between Lubbock Independent School District and Vizzle puts Texas curriculum at your fingertips. Lubbock’s TEKS-aligned resources in Math, Science, Reading, and Writing are geared toward students taking the STAAR-ALT 2. A seamless integration provides teachers with access to the resources they need, while also offering features that make it easy to create and customize content for students.

Combining these resources with Vizzle’s flexibility, fun, and ease of use makes for a great new addition to your Texas classroom.

Here are some key features and what some Lubbock educators have to say:

1. Section Guides and Lesson Alignment
Downloadable Section Guides list the TEKS and STARR ALT-2 Essence Statements covered in each section, as well as Instructional Terms, Strategies, and Essential Questions.
Teachers can quickly find the lessons that map to each Essence Statement.
2. Match Student Ability with Relevant Content
With TEKS-aligned lessons displayed right on screen, teachers can use Vizzle’s Vertical Alignment tool to filter activities by level, making it easy to assign the right activities to each student to develop the specific foundational skills they need.
3. Track Student Progress against IEP Goals
Vizzle data collection and reporting tools already track student progress in every activity, and the integration with curriculum makes it even easier. Lessons assigned from the curriculum screens automatically track progress by section.
Individual goal tags can still be added to provide IEP reporting for teachers to print and share with the student’s parents and the Child Study Team.