Vizzle can help your AND out of the classroom!

Vizzle can help your AND out of the classroom!

Vizzle…Success In and Out of the Classroom!

Thinking about all of those back to school year tasks…made even more challenging this year? Vizzle can help you get organized with just a few clicks!

Where to start? At the beginning! Getting to know your students the first few days and weeks is critical. This can be done by reviewing the last progress report, IEP goals and objectives, even a parent survey to learn what makes your students tick. 

In Vizzle, it is as simple as updating students, reviewing data, and refreshing student accounts to get started with the new year.

This Step by Step Vizzle Guide with short, how-to videos will help you get your student accounts set up.

Review and Archive!

Use My Classroom to run an overview of student progress and daily activity. Click on the specific student to view tracking cards and the detailed report view to filter by subject, goals, date ranges, and more!

Click on the students MY LESSONS tab to archive single lessons or clear everything to start fresh.

Target IEP Goals!

Search, save, and TAG lessons to create IEP tracking and reporting cards. Why? Vizzle will alert you when students hit mastery. Mastered? Simply archive the lessons and the card to move seamlessly onto the next skill. When it is time for progress reports, Vizzle will organize the data so you can report on progress with confidence.

Search, save, and assign 2-3 lessons per targeted objective to ensure students are introduced to the topic and have an opportunity to generalize learning.

Support Core Subjects

Vizzle is a powerful tool for IEP tracking and the curriculum tab provides balance! Choose your subject and use the vertical alignment tool to print lesson plans and assign activities to support pre-requisite skills. Select the right level for each student. Search, save, and assign 3-5 lessons for each subject for a well-rounded lesson plan customized for each student during the week.

Customize Profiles

When we think about best practices in special education, personalization is key! It’s the “I” in individualized Education Plan. You can use MY CLASSROOM to change settings like the student THEME from Camping to Self-Select (students can choose their lessons).

Head to our Vizzle Support Desk for our parent letter and step by step video supports for each of the best practices for back to school setup!

Tips and Tricks for Searching the Library!

The library is a search engine! Use the filters to craft your search by subject, grade band, standard, and more!

Targeting Activities of Daily Living? Use the Life Skills Subject Filter.

Looking for Back to School or Getting to Know You activities? Try the Speech Subject and type keywords for Communication, Simon Says, or Following Directions.

Working on Remote Learning but Planning for Onsite? Search by the keyword “Coronavirus” to find lessons on Remote Learning, Hand Washing, and Social Distancing.

Use specific searches to target IEP goals for ECSE-HS!

Did you know you can edit Vizzle lessons or make your own?

Edit or Author a Lesson to Teaching Anything! Check out our how-to Authoring Video.

No Vizzle Account?

Don’t have a Vizzle account but would like give it a try? You can sign up for complimentary 30-day access to Vizzle at

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