September Vizzler of the Month

September Vizzler of the Month

We’re thrilled to introduce you to September’s Vizzler of the Month…Jessie Brown, Technology Specialist with Pinellas County Schools, Florida.

What is the response to Vizzle from your students?

It’s technology, they love it! They are engaged and ready to participate.

How do you use Vizzle in the classroom?

I have used Vizzle many different ways, including: an exit ticket after a lesson, further practice after school hours, group lessons, one-on-one teaching, progress monitoring and most importantly, as part of my data at IEP meetings.  I’ve also used it as a reward because some students loved it so much.

What’s your favorite Vizzle feature?

I have always loved how easy and fast it is to make activities.  Being in a classroom with a wide range of ability levels, Vizzle makes it so easy to differentiate activities to fit every student’s needs.  I would spend countless hours embedding fun reinforcers into my lessons using other products, so when I discovered Vizzle, it was a game changer and a timesaver. 

What is your daily inspiration?

Student inclusion-making sure everyone is involved.  When every student is able to interact during a lesson, however that looks, they not only feel a sense of accomplishment, they feel like they belong! 

What is the most important thing that makes your classroom work?

We work hard and we play hard.  Sometimes, the students don’t even realize they are working because they are having that much fun.

What’s your go-to for ideas?

I always think of ways I can add the student’s pictures or names into an activity.  I will change the names of characters in a story to my student’s names or crop a picture to have my students in the visuals, so they are that much more excited to turn the page in a story or answer questions.  

What advice would you give a brand new teacher?

Have fun with the activities and make sure every student, no matter the disability, has a chance to participate.  Use the student’s individual settings to set him/her up to succeed.

Love the attention and priority you give to inclusion! No doubt many students have benefited from all your efforts. “Inclusion is not simply about physical proximity. It is about intentionally planning for the success of all students.” (

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