Add students, assign lessons and see the data!

Vizzle empowers administrators and educators by automatically collecting student data to assess student progress and to provide personalized educational support.

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Growing Lesson Library

Choose from a library of thousands of standards-based, peer-reviewed interactive lessons, games and activities.

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Automatic Data Collection

Collect data automatically as students work through assigned lessons, recording lesson plays, completion time and scores.

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Instant Personalization

Teacher-driven student profiles with gamified progress pages and animated reinforcers to motivate and engage students.

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Play Anytime, Anywhere

Reinforce learned skills or concepts outside of the classroom, at home or over breaks using any tablet or computer.



Vizzle was created based on significant research and evidence demonstrating the efficacy of an interactive visual language approach to educating students with special needs.

For students, Vizzle provides a useful tool to help reinforce, refresh and review learned concepts in and outside of the classroom. For teachers, therapists and administrators, Vizzle shows student progress by automatically tracking and recording student data as they work through lessons.


See how educators and administrators are using Vizzle to transform their classrooms by offering customized, interactive lessons to track student data for IEP goals and objectives.


Personalized Learning to Meet the Different Needs of Your Students

As learning environments shift between the classroom and remote, Vizzle provides students with consistency and educators with easy-to-use technology so teachers can spend more time connecting with each student and celebrating progress.

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Vizzle can help your students…in AND out of the classroom!

Vizzle is helping special education programs provide consistency to their students during this inconsistent time.

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Back to School – September 2020 – Vizzler of the Month

Talking distance learning with our Vizzler of the Month.

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Our favorite feature of Vizzle is the data tracking, as we can check off the instructional terms as our students have been introduced to concepts and monitor their progress along the way.

Shannon Beyer

AT Specialist, Victoria ISD

The overall response to Vizzle has been positive and the system is beneficial to both the teachers and the students, which is our main goal.

Dana Allen

Instructional Program Support Representative, Duval County PS

My caseload is really diverse and I typically get the entire classroom at one time. Vizzle is so adaptable and it allows me to accommodate each of my student’s needs.

Kristine Hampton

Speech-Language Pathologist, Conestoga Valley SD

I just love Vizzle because it is so easy to use. It is so intuitive. Now students have a way to be included in the general education curriculum while differentiating at their learning level.

Kathy Healy

District Program Facilitator, Minneapolis PS


Want to automatically collect data for IEPs?